College Ambassador for ProSky

You’re a professional amateur who isn’t afraid to try the crazy! You are so bright, people mistake you as the Greek God Apollo. You’re so motivated, you’re already on our FB, helping us get fans! PS: You’re not accepted into the program yet. You crush deadlines like how your ex crushed your heart. You’re OCD when it comes to details and organization. You dance like MC Hammer, smart like Zuckerburg, innovative like Jobs, tweet like RainnWilson, and party like the Kardashians. We don’t care if you’re smaller than Thumbelina or eat like Kobeyashi. We want you because you are you! If you’re offended, Shut Your Face! What does that even mean anyway?

So if you are ready to throw cool events/challenges like we do, write dope blog posts, spread the word about ProSky to your campus + social network, win prizes, internship/networking opportunities, earn cash, score scholarships, network with some influential people, and most importantly, go to war with other colleges, start applying.

You will get the chance to be a part of a fast-growing startup and work directly with the founders.

About ProSky (
We train students on high demand job skills, connects them to hands-on projects with the best companies and gets them recruited and hired.


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