Automotive Practice Leader for Intellias (Lviv)


  • Solid understanding and knowledge of modern Automotive and related industries, including their structure, context, technology landscape and key trends.
  • Solid knowledge of the Service Lifecycle Management processes such as service requirements definition, business plan development, go to market strategy etc.
  • Good understanding of IT Outsourcing industry, its business models, internal mechanics and context
  • Good understanding of project, program or product management
  • Ability to quickly identify trends, threats and opportunities
  • Ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams, ranging from sales to engineering
  • Sound business judgment and knowledge of financial issues impacting service profitability
  • Demonstrated ability to take complex requirements and translate them into specific and detailed product or service ideas
  • Demonstrated ability to justify technology value and rationalize conflicting product priorities
  • Exceptional communications skills and proven ability to influence both internal and external stakeholders
  • 5+ years of experience in IT and/or Automotive industry
  • 2+ years of experience in a leading position
  • Extremely detail oriented while always able to keep high-level vision in mind
  • High degree of ownership and get-it-done attitude
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and proven team player
  • Excellent presentation skills, advanced English
  • Highly organized, self-directed business style, with strong ability to prioritize
  • Passioned about technology, innovation and business
  • Previous experience in development of software for Automotive, Transportation or Navigation domains will be a big plus
  • Technical background, especially related to Automotive industry will be a big plus
  • Experience of work in marketing and/or sales functions will be a plus


  • Create, manage, and keep up to date a vision for Automotive industry services consisting of a roadmap, market and technology assessment. Develop, articulate and approve the strategic service direction with company management.
  • Evangelize market strategy, vision and value proposition with internal and external stakeholders. Create and maintain value propositions, market requirements, positioning, and product goals.
  • Own, manage and conduct set of in- and outbound sales and marketing campaigns aimed to result in incoming leads eventually resulting in revenue.
  • Proactively work with existing and potential customers to identify new service requirements, clarify features, get feedback on existing service capabilities to ensure that it meets customers’ expectations and optimally address their needs.
  • Proactively work on new ideas, identify trends and new opportunities in Automotive industry through market research, competitive analysis, technology research. Communicate results to key stakeholders within the company.
  • Coordinate with Business Development and Marketing for all marketing processes, including messaging, positioning, value propositions, marketing and sales strategy. Develop effective pricing, go-to-market plans, revitalization campaigns etc. aligned to the service lifecycle.
  • Regularly interact with service user groups, industry leaders and the community in order to stay abreast of industry changes. Participate in customer facing situations.
  • Prepare and communicate budget, revenue forecast and projections. Responsible for Automotive Industry ROI.
  • Be an Automotive Industry Expert and Evangelist within the company for both its employees and customers.


For many years Intellias has been a trusted partner for companies that are making the difference in their industries. One industry we especially proud of is Automotive. Every day millions of people around the globe make it to places they want to be in time thanks to the software we built here at Intellias. Now we want to expand our presence in Automotive and take it to the next level. Thus we decided to open the position of Automotive Practice Leader.

At this position you will be leading our efforts in developing of a package of services and expertise tailored for Automotive industry. Your key responsibility will be to ensure long-term strategic growth of our business in this and related industries. The job may include elements of strategy, marketing, business development, sales, consulting and service delivery, so you must be familiar with all of these and even more. Your key mission will be to fill the gap between what the company can do now and what it should do in order to become the very best engineering vendor for Automotive industry in the world. You will be a default person to answer almost any question about Automotive, no matter who asks it, an employee or a customer of Intellias. Even though it sounds like quite a lot of things to do we believe it worth it – this kind of position is one of the most interesting and challenging in the whole IT Outsourcing industry.

About Intellias (
A challenge-driven IT outsourcing company with a nearshore software development centres based in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. The story of Intellias dates back to 2002, when the company was established by Vitaly Sedler and Michael Puzrakov. Now, with 14 years of IT outsourcing experience and 500 employees. Intellias is of a comfortable company size: big enough to attract best talents, well-known customers and challenging projects, yet able to offer a personalized experience to both its clients and employees. Our employees rated us high for versatile technical expertise, acknowledgement and working environment.


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