B2B Sales Manager at Xenoss (Kyiv)


  • Experience in building sales process in B2B service company.
  • Experience in sales negotiations with western corporate clients.
  • Experience with designing and execution sales campaigns.
  • Experience with building communication strategy for sales campaigns.
  • Deep understanding of ABM marketing principles and tactics.
  • Experience of CRM process execution.
  • Understand how modern software development service business works.
  • Understanding of inbound marketing principle.
  • Fluent English.

Would be nice:

  • Experience in B2B demand generation through multichannel digital marketing.
  • Experience in programmatic advertising and RTB ecosystem.
  • Customer retention program design and implementation experience.
  • Networking in US/UK AdTech, MarTech companies, ad networks, advertising agencies.

You will be responsible for company growth. The key metrics you should optimize are a number of new customers, growth rate, average customer lifetime value, average customer lifetime, MRR/ARR, sales cycle duration, cost of acquisition, labor margin.

You will contribute to building sales process, that ensures company growth. You will design and execute sales strategy, run negotiations with prospects, build sales lead qualification system, arrange participation in industry events, build interaction with the marketing team, coordinate activity with the western sales team, make sales analytics, help marketing team with initial demand generation, help tech teams with improving service quality.


  • Above-market salary.
  • Full degree of freedom in decision making.
  • Zero bureaucracy.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Ability to work from home occasionally.
  • Various snacks and fresh fruits within the office.

About Xenoss (xenoss.io)
A consulting and software development company focused on marketing and advertising space. We design and build custom software products for AdTech and MarTech customers. Our clients are leading ad tech firms, marketing and advertising agencies, ad networks, big media companies.

We were among programmatic advertising pioneers and were building the world’s first RTB solutions back in 2012-2013. Today we deliver all marketing products categories: DSP/SSP/DMP systems, audience trackers, user behavior prediction systems, audience segmentation software, fraud protection software, smart retargeting systems, location-based services, ad network automation etc.


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