Capital Markets Analyst at Kepler Finance (Kyiv)


We are looking for a talented person with an analytical mindset who will be both technically adept and have sound business judgment.

  • Background in Finance or Economics is a must (familiarity with engineering and/or psychology would be an advantage).
  • Excellent knowledge of the capital market universe, key players.
  • Strong written communication skills in English.
  • Unmatched attention to detail and strong work ethic.
  • Be a tech-savvy individual, with an entrepreneurial mindset, passionate about capital markets.
  • Self-organized, independent, accustomed to high workload.

Nice to have:

  • Prior experience in investments/consulting/market analysis will be a plus.
  • Previous analytical publications in media.

In the cover letter, please include the links where we can learn more about you: Linkedin, Facebook, Medium, other publications, etc.


  • Be comfortable with conducting research and identifying external data sources to interpret the capital market trends to provide insights.
  • Understand and validate long horizon industry direction, technological evolution (blockchain), competition pipeline, demand drivers, and other performance metrics.
  • Use your analytical skills and creativity to develop innovative approaches to capital market research.
  • Convert findings and interpret data into clear and understandable reports and presentations to stakeholders.
  • Provide compelling information & reports for publications in top-tier media outlets (Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Valuewalk, VentureBeat, etc.)


  • Collaborative culture and coworkers who enjoy learning and solving big problems;
  • Flexible working schedule with competitive base compensation;
  • Comfortable office with free private parking;
  • Fast-paced startup atmosphere with no bureaucracy and hierarchy.

About Kepler Finance (

Free global database of active blockchain businesses, funding rounds, teams and digital securities.

Kepler Finance was founded by a team of experienced investment professionals from TaaS — a first tokenized closed-end crypto hedge fund dedicated to blockchain assets. Till now, TaaS has participated in over 35 deals carefully selected out of 1,000 screened projects.

Since DLT* Markets have been in a nascent stage and market infrastructure has been largely immature, the TaaS team started Kepler Finance. By providing customer-centric solutions to the growing community of blockchain investors, we hope to bring investments into DLT Markets and Digital Assets into the mainstream.

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