Chatbot Designer Trainee at BotMakers (remote ok)

We’re looking for somebody smart, hardworking, self-organized and detail oriented person with strong analytics skills to assist us with our daily bot template production.

  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Spreadsheets or similar office tools.
  • Be comfortable quickly learning and using new software and new products.
  • Be able to quickly analyze and summarize data from numerous sources.


  • Analyse existing Messenger bots on the market and define the production roadmap.
  • Define the user experience for new and existing client-facing chatbots.
  • Design chatbots using tools like ManyChat and Chatfuel. Implement integrations with 3-party services using Zapier (No programming skills requried).

You’ll learn how to design and build Messenger bots people actually use.

About BotMakers (
We are building the world’s best AI chatbot marketplace in the rapidly growing bot ecosystem — Facebook Messenger. Our customers are individuals and small businesses from the countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, France and UK.

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Правила для кандидатів
1. Якщо вакансія англійською, форму теж заповнюйте англійською.
2. Можете податися лише на 2 вакансії в день.
3. Перевіряйте електронну скриньку щодня, 90% роботодавців спілкуються через імейл.
4. Для створення резюме можете скористатися сервісами: Ineedaresume, CakeResume чи JobCV.

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