Community Manager for GameTree (remote)

Community Manager for GameTree (remote ok, Kyiv)


The Ideal Candidate:

  • Likes Games. You are familiar with the industry and know what games are popular right now.
  • Social Media Savvy. You are active on every social platform. You can explain how each platform is different from each other. You think about things in cleverly short social-post statements and hashtags and your friends are jealous of your Instagram.
  • Opinionated. You have an opinion on which brands are killing it with their social media efforts and who is failing and can articulate why.
  • Creative. You know how to tell a story with personality in a limited number of characters and can a key visual. You have excellent writing skills and have even dabbled in photo and video editing to get to the right post.
  • Observant. You never miss a beat on anything that goes on around you. You have always had a knack for reading people and understanding the context of situations.
  • Self-Motivated. You are confident and never shy away from a challenge. You work well with teams and direction, but know how to adapt and figure out how to solve problems on your own as well.
  • Good Writer. You can write something that sounds not as miserable as this job posting.


  • Proficient in English.
  • Prior experience in creating and managing social content across all major social platforms.
  • Prior experience in social media and community management.


  • Assist with creation, conception and presentation of social media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Lead the development and ongoing management of editorial calendars for a brand.
  • Manage all social content through the entire cycle from brief to scheduling to publishing.
  • Moderate all community interaction with published content responding in a timely manner and escalating when appropriate.
  • Monitor all community activity to keep a pulse on overall interests and sentiment. Be the go-to expert for any and all things community for the cross-functional team you work with.
  • Partner with analytics team for all performance reporting to provide context and insight to performance reports against pre-defined KPIs.
  • Be the go-to expert for all things social media (platforms, etc) and social influencer.
  • Partner with cross-functional teams for larger integrated campaigns. Be the voice of the community and help them think about things from a social-first perspective.


  • Creative freedom.
  • Work remotely or from an office in Kyiv.
  • Practice English.
  • Fun project and industry (yay, games!).
  • Founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

About GameTree (
A new app that helps gamers to find people to play with. We match gamers based on similar tastes in games (for all platforms) and personality.

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Правила для кандидатів
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4. Для створення резюме можете скористатися сервісами: Ineedaresume, CakeResume чи JobCV.

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