Content Marketer at Pragmatic DLT (Kyiv)


  • Great understanding of design, tagline and advertisement copy.
  • Ability to write articles readable by intelligent humans. Will to immerse into blockchain industry which is full of jargon, tech terms and hype.
  • Experience of defining customer personas. High level of empathy.
  • Knowledge of SEO principles and instruments.
  • Experience in competitor analysis.
  • Knowledge of web-analytics.
  • Awareness of own weak areas and ability to outsource them to skilled freelancers.
  • Fluent English or English-speaking friend who is an editor.


  • Develop and execute content strategy.
  • Create and curate different forms of content (blog posts, video interviews and reviews, podcasts etc.).
  • Fetch content out of our subject matter experts and make it postable.
  • Support lead generation process with content marketing.
  • Develop collaboration with opinion leaders and media regarding our content.


  • Superb culture where everyone is treated equally and with respect.
  • Ability to become early member of blockchain industry and learn a lot about it.
  • Experience to work with top industry experts and get business knowledge from first hands.

About Pragmatic DLT (

A software development company with the focus on blockchain and fintech industry. At its core, Pragmatic has a solution-based, hands-on corporate culture. Partnership with our clients is our engagement philosophy.

We believe that the world economy is undergoing a tectonic shift caused by megatrends. Definitely, one of them is decentralization. At Pragmatic, we merge expertise in financial services and software development domains to facilitate the transition to a peer-to-peer economy. The blockchain is a dynamic and novel technology and most of the businesses are only starting to implement it in conventional industries. Pragmatic specializes in Proof of Concept projects to quickly launch blockchain solution and if successful, scale it at the speed of light.

Pragmatic DLT was founded in 2018 and is based in Toronto, Canada, the epicentre of blockchain tech scene. The Company has also an R&D centre in Kyiv, Ukraine.


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