Content Marketing Maven at Tortuga Backpacks

You will work with our existing content team and affiliate partners to create, re-purpose, and distribute content. You should be as comfortable creating content (in any medium) as you are analyzing its performance.

  • Double revenue in 2016 and again in 2017.
  • Grow existing marketing channels or create new ones which drive $20k+/month in sales.
  • Build marketing dashboard to track sales performance by channel. Define timelines and goals for all experiments so that you can make start/stop/continue decisions.
  • Start and test Ambassador Programs for bloggers, famous travelers, and students.


  • Writing.
  • Systematic thinking: You will need to turn successful marketing channels into systems that are repeatable and scalable.
  • Analysis and testing: You can do more than just write a blog post. You can test headlines and posting times. You can report on the most shared and most profitable posts.
  • Collaboration: Our content team and affiliate partners will work with you, not for you.

Are you the go-to source of travel advice for your friends and family? Would Malcom Gladwell characterize you as a maven? If so, then join us in making travel easier and more enjoyable by creating educational content for travelers. Tortuga Backpacks is hiring a full-time Content Marketer to reach and help more travelers.

About (
Tortuga Backpacks was co-founded by childhood best friends Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Michael Cohen with one mission: to create the ultimate travel backpack. In 2009, they took an epic backpacking trip across Eastern Europe. Despite excessive pre-trip research, neither of them could find a bag they loved. Jeremy bought a used bag on Craigslist that broke the first day. Fred chose the typical large, cylindrical backpacker bag but found it ill-suited for urban travel. After the trip, they asked their travel-loving friends about their backpacks. No one had a bag that they would recommend. They couldn’t find the perfect travel backpack. So they made it.


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