Copywriter at Opinion Corp (remote)

Due to the launch of a new project, we are looking for remote SEO-copywriters who are passionate about writing, like researching, can meet deadlines and eager to earn money.

You will be required to research and create user-friendly and SEO-optimized articles on different topics and describe categories on our website (e.g. furniture, food, auto, insurance, etc.)

We are ready to pay $2−5 per 1000 characters (without spaces).

About Opinion Corp (
The company owns a premier consumer advocacy website that supports people since 2006. Our goal is to establish the process of complaint negotiation and resolution. Our philosophy is that companies need to try to work with and listen to every customer in order to convert complainants into brand advocates.

Now we are running a new project, Help Center, that will give useful tips for: consumers on how to deal with customer service reps efficiently; companies on how to reach a perfect balance in business customer relationship.


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