Customer Support Specialist at NEWOLDSTAMP (Lviv)


  • Advanced in written English.
  • Analytical & strategic thinking.
  • Customer oriented and responsible attitude.
  • Desire to learn, grow and potentially help with sales.


  • Experience in using Intercom (Chat app), Asana, Slack, Google apps etc.
  • Experience in chat support and customer service.


  • Take care of customer inquiries received via email and chat.
  • Provide professional support, help the customers to set up their accounts and solve their problems.
  • Ensure customer’s satisfaction.
  • Compile reports and set up support process.
  • Learn the supporting sales strategy.


  • Enjoyable working conditions, comfortable and quiet workplace.
  • Paid training, seminars and conferences.
  • Lunch with team.
  • Exciting work at global market.
  • The ability to plan a working day (flexible schedule).

A Lviv based SaaS marketing tool for creating and managing corporate email signatures as a new marketing channel. We solve the small problem and make marketer’s life easier. Our team is ambitious and in love with our project.

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