Data Analyst at Ecommerce Business (Kyiv, remote ok)


  • The job requires solid SQL skills, Excel and other standard tools and reporting environment.
  • Background: numerate degree, i.e. science/engineering, econometric.


  • Assist the management team in managing and finding growth opportunities, analyzing data of marketing and website performance data.
  • This is an exciting role, enabling and assisting in the further and continued rapid growth of the business. A love for Data and Analysis are the main ingredients you bring to the table.


  • You will learn a lot of cutting edge online marketing techniques and need to be open to exploration of data, finding new insights and implementing those and play a key role in the business.
  • Compensation growth based performance.

800-1200 USD.

About Stacktome (
Medium sized Ecommerce Business operating in UK and France, for over 10+ years. The team is distributed across many countries.

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Правила для кандидатів
1. Якщо вакансія англійською, форму теж заповнюйте англійською.
2. Можете податися лише на 2 вакансії в день.
3. Перевіряйте електронну скриньку щодня, 90% роботодавців спілкуються через імейл.
4. Для створення резюме можете скористатися сервісами: Ineedaresume, CakeResume чи JobCV.

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