Internship in data research at Jointle (and entry team)

Black belt in Google-do, English upper-intermediate, work-addict.

It will start from googling with “we need to go deeper approach”, analyzing and systematizing tons of data and then producing, planning, positioning and distribution of the Content.

If you are in, you will never out, bu-ha-ha! (Evil laugh) Seriously, we are super dynamic startup with first investments, operating on the craziest and biggest markets on Earth – US consumer goods. You will know so many new exclusive stuff and do so many exciting things with us you will bless that day you read this post. Don’t waste your time looking for other stuff, we are the best and that’s our promise.

Up to 10$/hour.

About Jointle (
An online venue where the makers put their offers (campaigns) and aims for production of certain goods in specified time and for fixed prices. Customers in their turn, support their aims by way of pre-payments (by paying in advance). 5 maniacs that want to make the world a better place (no kiddin’).


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