Marketing Manager / Analyst / Strategist at Concepter (Kyiv)

As a part of our growth strategy, we open a position to strengthen the marketing forces and set the highest bar possible in terms of product launches in 2018.

The perfect candidate should have a strong analytic skill set, affection to marketing and conversions. This person will research markets, define positioning and a target audience, build effective marketing strategies for future software and hardware unicorns. Concepter practices a hypothesis-driven product validation, that means numerous of marketing iterations and continuous agility.

  • Advanced english.
  • Experience in Marketing.
  • Experience in Design Thinking, Customer Development methodologies (optional).
  • Previous work experience in startups or product development companies (optional).
  • Understanding of financial, business plans and reports (optional).


Marketing strategy development:

  • Market research (top-down, bottom-up; sources: Markets&Markets, Nielsen, Gallup, Google Trends, Keyword Planner etc).
  • Competitor analysis (Amazon, Alibaba, crowdfunding platforms).
  • Building a market hypotheses.
  • Research of user persona; (FB groups, Quora, Reddit, Amazon).
  • User interviews (online and offline).
  • Product positioning analysis.
  • Marketing channels development (including paid traffic channels Facebook/Instagram).

Marketing strategy execution:

  • Experiments with the market hypotheses.
  • Lead generation via relevant channels (affiliate marketing, social media PPC, content marketing, video marketing, other paid channels).
  • Analyze the efficiency of such activities.


  • Office at (technological park).
  • Bonuses: based on KPI.
  • Free access to events: conferences, workshops, webinars.
  • Options to opt-in online courses (Coursera, Udemy, MIT, Stanford).

About Concepter (
A startup studio, that creates award-winning software and hardware products. We invent own products and help entrepreneurs craft their ideas into design-driven businesses, turning on the best marketing techniques powered by a strong technology stack. Company’s trademarks: iblazr, iblazr 2, Futo, Soul, Shotlight. Currently, 27 people are working at Concepter.

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