Project Manager at Reytarska Circle and The Riverbird’s Nest (Kyiv)


  • Good English skills, in person and in writing.
  • Communication and influencing skills, in person and in writing.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • The ability to lead and manage teams and projects.
  • Good knowledge of excel and word.

Job-specific requirements:

  • Have a car and a valid driver’s license.
  • Work with your own laptop.
  • To apply, send your CV, amongst with a motivation letter.
  • The application deadline is the 25th of January


  • The ideal candidate will be well-organized and able to optimize the maintenance of the buildings and guarantee perfect and easy communication. Leadership abilities and phenomenal efficiency can set you apart from our candidate pool. Experience in coordination and management is absolutely required.
  • Organizing the hiring process for service-providers like cleaning, gardening, and technology.
  • Tenant-relations, guest-relations, and management.
  • Ensuring that basic facilities, such as water and heating, are well-maintained.
  • Organizing check-ins and check-outs of guests at The Riverbird’s Nest.
  • Drafting reports and making written recommendations.


  • We are looking for a talented Project Manager, to oversee our two real-estate projects:
    Reytarska Circle, a gastro- and food-retail building in Kyiv, and The Riverbird’s Nest, an eco-cottage in the beautiful wilderness. Minor personal assistant-tasks for Marc Raymond Wilkins, one of the owners, are required as well.
  • You will be responsible for preserving the good condition of the buildings, ensure that facilities are safe and well functioning, and the communication between tenants, guests, service providers, and owners is smooth and positive.
  • You will be leading the hiring-process of cleaning-, gardening- and maintenance service. And take care of the communication with neighbors and other partners.
  • You will work closely with different teams and report to the director of the projects.
  • This job is gender-neutral.
  • Start: 1st of March 2021.
  • Working hours: 9.30 am to 6 pm, 5 days a week.
  • Location: Office at Yaroslav Val (Kyiv) and on location.


UAH 30,000.

About Reytarska Circle and The Riverbird’s Nest

Reytarska Circle is a multi-gastro and grocery-retail building, where tenants share a common space and common values.

Reytarska Circle team is supporting the revitalization of the modernist architecture and cherishing its cultural heritage, the new generation of gastro-enthusiasts, and conscious businesses based on common values of togetherness, Ukraine-Kyiv, sustainability, partnership, being environmental, open, friendly, and democratic.

The Riverbird’s Nest is a contemporary cottage, overlooking the majestic Dnipro River. As a project, it is promoting eco-friendly, local, low-consumerism recreation in the wilderness.

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