Sales Intern for KFG International (remote)

Sales Intern for KFG International (remote)


  • Experience in sales and business development in IT.
  • Understanding of web & mobile software development processes.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Strong analytical skills, ability to work with massive amounts of information effectively.
  • Fluent English both written & spoken.
  • Experience working with freelance markets.


  • Experience with Upwork.
  • NaUKMA students.
  • IT related education or experience.


1st handle Upwork job applications:

  • Watch for specific jobs on Upwork (RSS feed based on specific searches).
  • Apply fast for right jobs with unique & personalized proposal — not quantity but quality and speed are important.
  • Promptly respond on coming invites & job suggestions/alerts.
  • Handle initial communication & set up calls with qualified buyers.
  • Collaborate with project managers and developers (over Slack).

2nd – content:

  • Improve content — proposal & scripts suggestions.
  • Create and maintain sales materials: presentations, proposals, white papers, website content, etc.

3rd – scaling:

  • Suggestions on improving the whole process.
  • Making the same on other platforms (starting from research etc.).
  • Designing and running sales campaigns (e.g. webinars, offering promotions).
  • Research for various sales situations.

We are looking for a person who will start from the very beginning, 1st supervised on all the processes and became lead professional working with freelance markets channel in future.


  • 100% remote with daily standups over video call.
  • Part time (2-4 hrs per day).
  • Online presence between 10am 5pm EST.


About KFG International (
A US company with team distributed over Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria. We building a platform to provide expert services in web & mobile development, blockchain, 3D modelling, e-commerce, bot development. Serving clients mostly from USA and Australia.

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Правила для кандидатів
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2. Щоб забезпечити якість заявок від кандидатів, у кожного є можливість податися лише на 3 вакансії за тиждень.
3. Перевіряйте електронну скриньку щодня, бо 90% роботодавців спілкуються через імейл.
4. Для створення резюме можете скористатися сервісами: Ineedaresume, CakeResume чи JobCV.

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