Talent Sourcer at DataRobot (Kyiv)


  • Either in-house or agency experience with sourcing, working for a start-up/tech company from a similar space.
  • Outstanding research and sourcing skills (you certainly have more than boolean search up your sleeve 🙂
  • Creative mind, able to come up with an unconventional strategy for building talent pipeline.
  • Deadline-driven, having strong project management, and prioritization skills.
  • Understanding what successful hiring experience entails.
  • You’re highly strategic in your approach, partner with recruiters and hiring team to identify your target talent, know how to build your step-by-step search map.
  • You’re comfortable leveraging other search channels/sources apart from LinkedIn which you also try to use to the fullest crafting the effective boolean queries.
  • You easily communicate with the search engines using «boolean language» and are aware that X-Ray approach gives you tremendous opportunities to dig deeper into a specific site.
  • Your sourcing/recruiting toolbox is heavy with the instruments (email extractors, browser extensions, people aggregator tools) helping you gather a bunch of information on a prospect and so enabling you to make your initial approach personalized.
  • Advanced English proficiency, either spoken and written, we operate in a multicultural environment and over-communicate, so that is somewhat essential.


  • Source candidates for a current pipeline/future hiring needs in every possible way (Linkedin, social media, extensive name generation, taking advantage of user groups, blogs and other relevant spaces on the web).
  • Relentlessly serve as a company advocate through every contact you have with prospect/candidate.
  • Have a clear understanding of what winning messaging strategy entails.
  • Keep an eye on the existing database, continuously filling in the details, missing from the profiles.
  • Be knowledgeable about DataRobot and why people should work here.


  • We believe that hiring is a team sport, so we are always willing to back you up, help you out and be responsible for your productivity and happiness.
  • Many of our team members have brains size of a planet, so a daily dose of inspiration and wow is guaranteed.
  • No corporate bullshit, we love to work hard and have fun along.
  • We’re at the forefront of scaling our team on the unprecedented pace, so you can gain the unique experience of working not simply harder, but smarter: making data-driven decisions, structuring recruiting processes and building best practices from scratch (think Google, Tesla, and other fast-growing giants).

About DataRobot (datarobot.com)

The company is pushing the frontiers of machine learning and predictive modeling, occupying a unique niche in the market with a game-changing product. Our platform democratizes data science and improves the way enterprises generate business predictions.

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Правила для кандидатів
1. Якщо вакансія англійською, форму теж заповнюйте англійською.
2. Можете податися лише на 3 вакансії в день.
3. Перевіряйте електронну скриньку щодня, 90% роботодавців спілкуються через імейл.
4. Для створення резюме можете скористатися сервісами: Ineedaresume, CakeResume чи JobCV.

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